Child Protection Policy

Inspire a Star is committed to the protection of children who are registered on this website.

1. Principles

Inspire a Star abides by the following principles:

  • The interests and welfare of children listed on this website are paramount.
  • Parents and guardians have the right to decide whether to include an image of their child on the website or whether to use the “Inspire a Star” logo.
  • Parents and guardians must provide consent to the photo that is loaded by checking a box on the Create a Profile Page of the website agreeing to our Terms and Conditions.
  • Even if consent of a parent and guardian is provided Inspire a Star reserve the right not to display a particular photograph on the website or remove a particular image at any time.

2. Providing an Image for the Star Profile Page

When selecting a photograph for the website please consider the risk for potential misuse. With some sports such a swimming or gymnastics the risks may be higher than for other sports if the image is a close up body shot of the child dressed for those sports. Please consider whether the child should instead be dressed in a track-suit by the side of the swimming pool for the photo for example.

3. Reporting Abuse or Inappropriate Use of Images

If you are aware of any abuse or inappropriate use of the image of a young person displayed on this website please e mail us immediately at marking the title with “Urgent – Child Protection Issue”. Please provide details or a contact number.

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