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Corey's Table Tennis Dre

Sport : Table tennis Wales, United Kingdom
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Hello! My name is Corey and I am 16 years old. I am a student in Wales, United Kingdom. I always enjoyed playing table tennis and I am currently playing in my county league (Cardiff and Vale League). I represented my club, Vale Academy, as a team member and I play regular matches every week, I also join competitions at the national sports centre in Cardiff and I enjoy playing various tournaments such as The Handicap Cup, The Championship and The Hard Bat Tournament. My coach, Mr George Evans, (the one on the right) has provided valuable support and training which I really appreciate his guidance. I would like to take my table tennis to the next level in which I can be promoted to a higher level. I am currently playing in the Third Division but my target is to help my team to get promoted next year so that I can improve my table tennis and play against better players. I would like to raise a hundred pounds to purchase better equipment such as a more spinny rubber for my bat and a lighter bat to improve the effectiveness of my shots. I would undoubtedly be extremely delighted if you can make this happen as I would like to take my table tennis onto a new level.Thank you for your support!

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Good luck Corey !

May 18, 2014

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