Reason To help pay for competition trunks, goggles, travel and hotel costs for national championships in July.

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Sport : Swimming England, United Kingdom
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I am Finn Trehane. I am currently 14 years old and I am a swimmer.I think I must have been born to do this. My name kind of sums me up beautifully.I was first thrown (literally) into a swimming pool as a baby and I was club swimming at 4 years oldI totally love what I do and I take complete personal ownership of all aspects, from my nutrition, through training, right up to race day, with the help and guidance of my coach, Zoe Baker.I train at 06:00 4 mornings a week before school and 5 evenings after school, topped up with 3 land training sessions. In total, I swim up to 60km per week.I know thatu2019s a big number, but thatu2019s what it takes. Every piece of that training is custom designed to achieve an outcome.Iu2019m fortunate to have been selected on to the England Talent pathway, phase 1 and phase 2 and I am currently ranked in the top 16 in 10 events ahead of British Summer Nationals, 4 of which are top 7 and 50m Breaststroke Iu2019m currently ranked #1 in the UK for my age group.2015 brought a gold, silver and bronze at the Summer nationals.Iu2019m working hard and will continue to train towards my goals which are European, then world stage success. My peers and education network have also recognised the dedication I give to the sport, by awarding me United Learning Sportsman of the year for 2 years running, from over 36,000 students. Thank you for your support

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E  Emma Hines £10GB
Well done Finn

July 15, 2016

S  Simon and Juliet £50GB
Good luck Finn

July 15, 2016

J  jamie £20GB

July 8, 2016

J  Jennifer £50GB
Your successes are so very well earned. You deserve really substantial sponsorship. Hope this helps a bit anyway !

May 28, 2016

D  Diana £20GB
Good Luck Finn x

May 26, 2016

B  Becky £20GB
Good luck with everything Finn!

May 26, 2016

D  David £50GB
Good luck Finn you work really hard, keep it up

May 26, 2016

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