Reason Studying and playing basketball at a high level University in America or Europe.

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Gerda Morkunaite

Sport : Basketball Thetford, England, United Kingdom
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Hi All!At first would I like to introduce myself. My name is Gerda Morkunaite and I am originally from Lithuania, however have been living in England for the last three years. I’ve been a basketball maniac since the age of 10 where I used to love playing with the basketball and getting some shots, however, the more I played, the more it became my passion and my dream which I am trying to achieve by making small steps forwards. I was always very active athlete-student trying to work hard in everything I do, I believe that the harder it is now, the harder it will be in the future so this is the reason why I am making this ‘Risingstar’ profile and trying to get some financial support to help me to cover the costs of University which I will go to next year.I’ve been offered a few basketball scholarships in America last summer, however I could not afford the living and studying there. In Lithuania, I represented a small town called Ukmerge, however one day I felt that staying there will not help me to achieve my dreams so decided to move to England in 2013. Before I came here, I’ve heard many gossip saying that Basketball is not popular in England or that I am too short to play basketball. This made me to be even more motivated and go follow my dreams. I found a team, practiced with the boys, spent many hours in the park however that was not enough for me. Last year I moved to the city near London and joined Surrey Goldhawks Basketball club and different college. A few months later I was invited to try out for U20 Lithuania National Women’s Basketball team. I went to Lithuania to try out, however I have not made it through to the final 12 squad. I feel really happy I had this opportunity, however this made me to become stronger and shows that I need to work even harder to become the best I can become. My dreams are big and I believe that I started going to the right direction. I pushed myself when everyone said I cannot do it, I challenged myself by playing with the boys, I faced new life when I moved out from the parents at the age of 18. I would really appreciate your support , it will all go towards my education ad basketball opportunities.Thank you very muchGerda

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M  Miguel Jolly - Blue Stars Skillz Academy £20GB
Good luck!

August 8, 2016

K  Konstantinas £15GB
Reach your dreams and good luck!

July 31, 2016

A  A supporter £25GB
Good luck. Has been great watching you develop but also the way you have helped some of the younger players. i hope you succeed.

July 19, 2016

R  Renata £50GB
All the very best Gerda x

July 14, 2016

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