How it Works

  • Complete your profile and submit it to us for approval
  • Share the profile link you receive from us with your friends and family via Facebook, Twitter and e mail
  • Raise money towards your target
  • Receive funds, buy your lessons or equipment and participate in your sport

It is very easy to get started and complete your profile in EASY STEPS.

Before you start your profile page

Before you start your profile page you will need the following information –

If you are looking for some coaching in your chosen sport you need to find out :

  • how much the lessons cost
  • the name of the coach
  • the place they are being held
  • when they will start.

If it is equipment you need you should know the make of equipment, the price and where you will buy it from.

If you are already competing at a high level in your chosen sport and you need funding for travel to competitions you need to find out the price of travel, entry fees and dates of competitions.

If you need treatment for sports injuries you should ask the doctor or physiotherapist for an estimate of the number of sessions required and price.

A photograph of you playing or ready to play your chosen sport (unless you are using the Star logo).

You are also able to add a short video of yourself of up to 60 seconds. If the video is longer than 60 seconds or the sound or image quality is poor we will not use this as part of the campaign.

You are now ready to complete your profile page

The profile page is easy to complete and submit.

After you have submitted your profile we will review it within 48 hours and you will receive a link back from us.

Once you have the approved link from us you can start sharing your link with friends and family via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, other social media channels  or e mail.

Good luck to all our future Stars!

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